A little about myself

Being new to blogging, I kind of just dove right in and started spilling my feelings. As I take a look at others, I realize I have yet to introduce myself! How could I forget that part!? Let me begin…

My name is Patsy Ann Gowins and I will be 30 on Feb. 25. I am beyond excited for my thirties as I transition into living a sober life. The potential there is just motivating!

I have an amazing boyfriend named Chris. We have been together 4 1/2 years and most days I’ve wondered how in the heck he has stayed with me! He is the hardest working, most patient (at least with me) and selfless man I have ever met. He truly never makes me doubt his unconditional love for me and for that I will never stop trying to give him the world in return.

I am #9 out of 10 kids raised by my parents, 7 of us being with the same mom and/or dad. I loved growing up with such a big family, even though we don’t feel so big anymore.

I am a very outgoing person with social anxiety as odd as that sounds. What do they call that? Extroverted introvert or Introverted extrovert? I have a love hate relationship with meeting new people because of my anxiety. Especially in very large groups/crowds. How could I end up with anxiety in crowds when I grew up in one!?

I’m a talker and crier! 100%. I have had some tragic events happen throughout life and my sympathy and empathy for others has only sky rocketed. I’m actually grateful for that. One blessing out of a world of pain.

I partied a lot before I was 21 and when I became of age, nothing changed. I can’t say exactly when my addiction started because up until now, I hadn’t ever really stopped. I can say in late 2011/early 2012 is when my whole world change and I began to use alcohol as a coping mechanism. Everything spiraled down hill from there. That story will be saved for another day.

One thing that led me to this journey of recovery was getting involved with Young Living Essential Oils and deciding to live toxic free. I decided to become sober on 6.18.18. Yes, I am only 8 days in, but we all have to start somewhere right?

My main goal with writing this blog is to learn how to express myself and deal with my emotions in a healthy way. I want to learn how to release my cares unto God and not worry about feeling judged or sounding silly or stupid. That is one reason why I started writing this blog. ♥️


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