Thirty two days is the longest in 16 years that I have gone without drinking alcohol. The best part about waking up this morning was being thrilled about being sober. I am not the same woman I was 32 days ago, I am better.

I have learned so much about myself, life, and alcohol.

I am my own worst critic and I don’t talk to myself nicely. I always deflect when given a compliment and find a way to discredit it.

Being gentle on myself.


I can’t repeat that one enough. Take time for yourself! I am learning how to and how to not feel guilty for doing so. Get in a routine every morning and every night. Every morning I drink my coffee and just be still with God. Every night I soak in a bath and read. This is my gift to myself everyday.

I am learning to deal with my emotions and not just bury them down. I am recognizing them, taking inventory and then releasing them! I can only do so much about a situation.

I am very much an empath. It is a blessing and a curse.

Protect yourseflI am cutting out as much negativity in my life as possible. Surrounding myself with positive vibes and energies.

Let go of emotions that are not yours to carry. That will just drain you!

I am understanding addiction and what it means to live with it. And I am not the only one who suffers from addictions.  23.5 million Americans are addicted to alcohol and drugs. That’s approximately one in every 10 Americans over the age of 12 – almost equal to the population of Texas.  But only 11% of those with an addiction receive treatment. 🤯

Rejection does not label you nor is it a projection of the future.

Sometimes rejection is protecting you from something or saving you for something better. Sometimes rejection can be a good thing, you just might not see it at that moment.

Confronting my own insecurities. I am no where close to getting past them, but I am recognizing them and learning how to be confident in the way the I was created.

Celebrating glimmers of progress and applauding baby steps. Little progress is better than no progress. Enjoy each little milestone or step I reach!

Finding the miracle during a messy reality. Finding the lesson, the reason for the mess or struggle. Getting sober hasn’t been the easiest thing, but it has been the best thing for my life. Each day I struggle, I also learn something new about myself or my addiction.

Take risk! Have courage. Do something that you have never done. Don’t be afraid to change your life!

Every step I have taken and will continue to take, has helped me grow and see life in such a different perspective. Learning to love myself is the best gift I could ever give myself. I may not have curves or big boobs, I may not have the best hair or prettiest smile, but I am my own brand of beautiful and there is a need for my exact brand. There is a need for all of our exact brands of beautiful in this world! I have been sober for 32 days and they have been the best 32 days of my life so far. Physically I may have felt like shit, and I may have shed a lot of tears, but its all been worth it and I wouldn’t do it any differently. I definitely can’t say that I would do it again, because I am refusing to go through that again. I refuse to relapse because I have been there and I don’t want to go back. I am creating and learning to live my best fricken life. This is the beginning of a beautiful life. I was made for this. 🌱💜💪🏼

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