Why I track my days

I had a lot to celebrate yesterday, but the one thing I’m celebrated the most is 200 SOBER days! ⁣⁣


I wanted to share with y’all why I track my days. Personally, I never thought I’d become sober. I remember after losing my bubba (who suffered from alcohol addiction) I would always ask Chris if he thought I had a drinking problem. A part of me just chalked it up to my age and that’s what we do in our 20’s but the other part of me wondered. It was hard losing my bubba and even though I lost him to suicide and his addiction, I wasn’t willing to give up alcohol. As the years passed, the drinking increased. I began to get scared I too would succumb to my addiction and demons. I was so scared to admit I was an alcoholic for so long because I wasn’t one who woke up and had to drink in that moment and I downplayed the seriousness of my problem. ⁣⁣


The truth is, alcoholics come in all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds and scenarios. I knew I was an alcoholic by the way I felt between the moment I clocked out from work to the moment I stepped foot into the bar- I fiend for that first drink, and every drink after that. I was afraid for happy hour to end because my addiction would cost more. I was afraid for last call and would drink faster as though the Jameson supply was running out. And towards the end, any chance I could taste test or have a shift shot at work, I jumped on. ⁣

So when I wake up each day, alive and sober, I celebrate. I celebrated 1 day and I will celebrate 1,000 days! I still have battles to fight and issues to clear, but with each sober day I live, I become stronger. I am beyond grateful for the amazing sober community and all the support found no matter what your story is. No judgment, no ridicule, just love and support. ⁣

So here’s to 200 sober days and many more! 🎉💪🏼

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